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Carturesti, Brasov

The days are still warm. The snow doesn't fall yet through the city. Maybe just a little on the mountain peak. But we all know that the time of hot cups of tea or cocoa with milk, and a good movie, seen from under the quilt, after Sun is sleeping, is not too far away. All that, after you’ll have your walk through our wonderful city. In today's story, we want to encourage you to go the classical style and go out to read in the city.

We have cafes and restaurants that are decorated with many books, or that bring you the bill in books or that can simply become wonderful reading places. We'll tell you just a few, which we like, but first we take you, to two, three bookstores, where you can find new titles and cultural events, concerts, literary gatherings and book launches.

Cărturești Brașov, which is 3 minutes away from Residence Central Annapolis, is a specific concept of bookstore, tea house, souvenirs and quality accessories, as well as a reading place, natural light plus a landscape composed of forest, mountain and Piata Sfatului. You have to admire the city in the evening from these windows. You can drink tea and browse albums or encyclopaedias, or read a few pages to convince you to buy a new book. The events of this month are mainly focused on psychology: the following is on Thursday, November 21, from 18: seminar and book launch, "Father, Child and Kindergarten". Mira Loghin is the founder and visionary of MOMO's World, the first Centre for Alternative Education, opened in Bucharest in 2011 and which since 2013 has developed its educational concept with the help of Non-violent Communication.

On the way, right in the Piata Sfatului (Council Square), we invite you to Humanitas, bookstore. In addition to a large editorial offer, book launches are held weekly here. Tuesday, November 19, from 6:00 pm, CenaKLUb Tiuk (no. 132) invites you to launch the novel "Whoreshop", by Jean-Lorin Sterian (Hyperliterature Publishing House, 2019), an event that takes place during the Blue Biennale. Guests: Jean-Lorin Sterian, Anca Zaharia, Mihail Vakulovski. On Saturday, November 30, 2019, from 18:00, CenaKLUb Tiuk (no. 133) invites you to launch the novels "Arșița" by Cosmin Perța and "Destrămare" by Sorin Delaskela (Parallel 45). Guests: Cosmin Perța, Sorin Delaskela, Cătălin Stanciu, Adrian Lăcătuș. Moderator: Mihail Vakulovski.

“St. O. Iosif ” bookstore, on Muresenilor street, is one of the oldest in Brasov. Cultural events are held here all the time. Thursday, November 21, 2019, you have the book launch: "The game of sale" - Călin Iepure, Răzvan Curcubătă, Bogdan Vaida. Friday, November 22, 2019, book launch - Testament 400 Years of Poetry, organized by the Australian-Romanian Academy. Nicu Alifantis and Daniel Reynaud will delight us with musical recitals (in Romanian and English) on volume lyrics, and the actress Daniela Nane with a poetic recital. Friday, November 29, there is also a reading club at the bookstore. An important launch of this month will be Saturday, November 30th: ”Nesupusele Vol.2” (The Disobedients). Who are they? The five dream writers bring us hundreds of stories that deserve to be told to children. About female models, about values, about life choices, about questions. How to stay in an environment that delivers flawless uniforms? How to create harmonies when the script of the world seems to have shaken all its lines? How to live with dignity when you have nothing left? How to bring story and light when all your words are taken? How can you tell the truth when no one is ready to listen? And especially - how to listen to it? One hundred stories about remarkable women in Romania. In fact, so many spoken words: "Yes, you can", "Yes, now and here", "Yes, I can". Because fulfilment is not measured in numbers, but in words of story: how much do you think, how much long you hope, how much you do, how much you care, how much you love.

Tipografia” is a special place for the culture of Brasov: a cafe, a concert venue, a place for book launches or exhibitions of all kinds. Plus multidisciplinary hub and workspace. Here we call you also to read. Tuesday, November 26, 2019, 6:00 pm, at Tipografia (Brașov), there will be the launch of the volume: ”Behind the windows are people”, by Elise Wilk, Tracus Arte Publishing House. Invite along with the authors: Adrian Lacatus, Marius Cisar and Mihaela Alexandru.


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