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Visit the Council Square

Just one minute away from exiting Annapolis yard, The Council Square is the ideal starting point for your exploration of Brasov County. Surrounded by various coffee shops and venues, The Council Square is still at the heart of the city’s main activities and events. In the center of it stands the most symbolic construction of the city – the Council House. This building is the most important monument in Brasov, built in the 13th century and since then modified various times. Starting with the year 1950, the old city hall became a much appreciated and visited museum and it still is to this day.

Visit the Black Church

If the view from the Annapolis Rooms is still not enough to impress you, then the Black Church is surely the destination for you. It is the most famous tourist attraction in Brasov and the most representative gothic style church in Romania. For visiting hours and tickets, click on the following link:

Old streets from the historic center area

It was known in the old days as “The Coppersmiths’ Alley”. It came to be known as such and earrned this name due to the members guild getting together at house entrances. The houses with massive walls and wooden or copper shutters held a defensive role against outside enemies seeking to get past the fortress’ walls. Today it is one of the most visited tourist attractions from the Brasov depression, offering tourists a selective culinary experience, as well as a „journey through time.

The „Junii Brasovului” Parade

Tradition, history, unique traditional event; The most famous traditional Juni event, the „Descent into the Citadel” is a celebrated manifestation encompassing mythical elements that takes place every year during the last Sunday after Easter. If you are planning on a holiday in the mountains, do not miss the most joyful and colorful celebraton, the „Junii” parade.

The First Romanian School

Located in the courtyard of the Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church in the Schei District of Brasov, the school first opened its doors to students in 1583. The building dates back to the year 1760 and it is declared a historical monument, functioning as a museum today under the tutelage of Vasile Oltean, a local philologist.

Sforii Street

Situated between the Cerbului Street and the Poarta Scheii Street, its existence dates back to the 17th century. The street came to life as a simple corridor meant to facilitate the firefighters’ access in case of emergencies. Today it is known as the 3rd most narrow street in Europe, with a width between 1.11 and 1.35 meters and a length of 80 meters, as well as a concrete example of medieval Brasov’s urbanization tendencies.

Straja Hill Fortress

It used to be an important point of defense, initially having a single watchtower and later developing to incorporate a wooden bastion with 4 additional towers. A quarter of a century later, stone walls were built and ditches were dug.

“După Ziduri” Alley

Behind the RC ANNAPOLIS building lies a section of the defensive walls of the old citadel of Brasov. An area preserved in time that shelters two of the most well known and imposing towers, The White Tower and The Black Tower. Also here once stood The Butcher’s Pen and the Leather Cutter’s Pen, each occupied by the members of a specific guild and used as a place to hold their activities.

Skiing in Poiana Braşov

We offer transport to the well known ski slopes of Poiana Brasov, the most famous ski resort in Romania. For your skiing and snowboarding equipment, we offer you a storage room and for beginners we also collaborate with skiing/snowboarding instructors that provide the neccessary equipment.

Trekking in the Bucegi Mountains

If you are ready for a day of hiking through Bucegi Mountains, we can provide you with the best recommendations.

Mountain Biking in Bucegi Mountains

Mountain biking is one of the most tehnical and beloved mountain sports. Drop us a line and we’ll help you come up with an adequate route and offer you the best advice for your future bike trip.

Solomon’s Rocks

Situated in a marvelous natural amphitheater, this place is known to locals and tourists alike as a destination to spend your freetime, as well as for the wild and beautiful landscape it offers. Tourists can get here very easily, using public transportation or a personal car. The area is appreciated by mountain climbers who seek it for escalade and also because of the easy routes to Poiana Brasov and the tourist attractions in the area.

Bear Sanctuary, Zarnesti

Spanning over 70ha of forest, this place hosts one of the most beautiful bear specimens that live peacefully. It is the first natural reservation for bears in captivity in Romania. We recommend visiting the Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti for an adventure you’ll never forget.

Panicel Equestrian Center

Located only 13 km away from Brasov, this place is worth the trip because of the spectacular view of Bucegi Mountains, the moments spent outdoors, as well as the professionals you can turn to for your first horse riding lesson.

Dino Park, Râșnov

A recreational park as well as an outdoor museum, this is a place preferred not just by children.

Adventure Park, Braşov

Routes of varying levels of difficulty, the best way to spend your weekend.

Take a walk on the „Sub Tampa” Alley

Also known as the city located at the base of the Tampa Mountain, Brasov offers you an unique view given by the park underneath Tampa Peak. The Alley is a space loved by locals and tourists alike who seek the perfect place for a stroll. To experience a sight of the entire city, you may choose between three distinctive routes to get to the top of the mountain or choose to get there by cable car between 9:00 and 17:00, depending on the weather conditions.

Summer in Poiana Brasov

Poiana Brasov, the most well known resort for winter sports enthusiasts is also starting to be sought by tourists during the summertime for mountain hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding or minigolf. If you’re not sports fans riding road bikes or adventurers seeking the thrill of downhill, we can help you rent a bike for a casual ride along the natural park.