About the building

In 1907, the well known librarian TEUSCH was building, inside the walls of the city of Brasov (Kronstadt, Brasso), in Horse Fair Street (today George Baritiu), in a genuine Art Nouveau Style (Jugenstill, Sezession), the villa that shelters today Residece Central.

Mr. TEUSCH, helped by his daughters, both teachers in the community of Brasov, as well as by the greatest architect of the time, contributed to the building and decorating of this property in the smallest details. The process lasted until 1909 when it was inaugurated.

The building has remained unchanged although it has passed through different historical moments: the first and the second World Wars and communism.

Today the building preserves the elements of the ART NOUVEAU period as well as the initial decorations: the hand made oak wood floors, the handmade stoves produced by the best producers of the time, the Schmidt brothers, who put their signature on every stove (bruder Schmidt/testverek Schmit), the tiles in the bathrooms and on the hallways of the building, the fir wood doors, the chandeliers and lamps used by the Teusch family, the pieces of furniture and decorations that belonged to the famous local family.

Genuine Art NOUVEAU elements such as the shell shaped decorations, lotuses, the bird decorated grids as well as the busts of the four members of the Teusch family can be seen on the facade of the building and confirm its authenticity.